Windows Doctor

Software to clean-up and protect users of Windows

The Windows Doctor software is an important tool that every Windows user find useful to have on their desktop. It scans your computer for patch vulnerabilities, start-up items, plug-ins, processes, services and a whole lot more.

The scan it makes on the system is done fast and it does a stable search to check for possible security threats. The Windows Doctor will protect your system from the headaches and other problems that spyware, adware, Trojans and viruses cause on your system.

The program has a lot of useful functions that you may need on your computer. The Windows Doctor has tools to help you check and clean up your registry, privacy settings, speed up your system and much more.

It also has advance tools that you can use from time to time. The Windows Doctor will make sure that any garbage information that's in your registry is removed.

Windows Doctor


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